Douglas Ingram, Storyboard Artist


"Douglas and I are coming up to celebrating working together over 20 years, which makes him one of my longest standing creative collaborators. From the first moment I met him when he helped me storyboard an early tv commercial, to his storyboarding of sequences for my TV work, to my films including The King's Speech, he has always created a calm and supportive environment within which I can begin the process of creating the visual language of a new story. I'm grateful for his ideas, his patience, his friendship and most of all his great drawings!

Tom x"

Tom Hooper
Thomas George Hooper is an English film and television director of English and Australian background known for films such as The King's Speech and Les Misérables.

"I love Douglas’s work. It’s accurate and witty and always embodies the spirit of the piece. And most of all it’s beautifully drafted and really clear."

Marc Munden
Marc Munden is a BAFTA-winning English film director best known for his work on Utopia, National Treasure and The Mark of Cain among others.

"I worked with Douglas in preparation for a production of Faith Healer at the Donmar Warehouse, inviting him in to rehearsal to help us visualise key moments in the script. His patience, clarity of vision, skill and light touch helped the acting company create accurate and detailed pictures of the key events their characters describe and recall, adding to the richness of their performances. His ability to bring to life the minute details of the script in total partnership was invaluable, and the images he created were hugely useful in bringing us all closer to the detail, specificity and accuracy which the script required."

Lyndsey Turner, Theatre Director
Lyndsey Turner is a British theatre director known for directing plays in the West End, the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Broadway. She is the third female director to receive a Laurence Olivier Award (2014) in the ceremony's history.

"I’ve worked with Douglas on every job since 2013. Unlike many others Douglas is always keen to make the project happen even when the schedules are last minute.

His work speaks for it’s self and his creative input helps to craft and shape each project, drawing from his rich experience and knowledge that he’s quite obviously gained working in a number of different industries and for the best of those arenas.

Douglas always enhances and improves on what I brief him and that is why I’ll carry one working with him through out my career."

Bugsy Riverbank Steel
Bugsy Steel is a commercials director best known for his visual effects, combining clever in camera techniques with post, as well as strong comedy and narrative style.